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ARTIST STAMENT : “Photography and Reality”

Photography taught me to ask myshelf which is the reality, where it is and whether it exists. I confuted early the illusion that I take pictures of reality. So, I started studying the frame and my aim was to understand the content.

I concluded in endless ascertainments, I tore them inside and some other times outside. In time i realised that everything I allowed to enter in my field of vision was the “signified” of my existence.

The composition of a picture is everything that not appears or exists in the photographer’s soul when she takes a shot. A picture cannot exist if it has nothing to say and the photographer exists because she can communicate pictures. In this point there exists a tiny deception from the picture’s view: “it promises reality” just like it happens in illusive love when “it promises the ideal”.    

The photographer does not use words, he/she uses the frame for communication. She does not possess reality, not even her own reality but, for sure, she is not contained in what she imprints with the camera. Every shooting resembles a search. The difference is that the photographer dives into the unconscious.


Ypatia Kornarou was born in Athens where she takes pictures and lives. She firstly studied economics and continued her studies in photography.

She has been dealing with artistic photography since she launched her career in the photographic world. She has participated in International and Domestic Photo Festivals.

She writes articles and presents photographic material in the magazine “Photonet”. Several times her thoughts on photography have been hosted along with photos of her, on important sites (“Photologio”, “Nexus Media”, “Lifetone”, “PolisMagazino”). From 2009 until today she photographs Theater and Dance Festival (“Young Artists – The 12 Coupes”, “Contemporary Dance-Compartments Dance Project” at “Train in Rouf”).

She mainly deals with the photography of theatrical and dance performances. In her evolution, the moment when she feels ready to communicate thoughts and feelings came, attempting to create photographic projects. Last year, she has been actively involved in social media, especially on Instagram, where important international photography communities continue to present her photographic work.

She recently transmeet her knowledge in photography seminars organized by art schools or places of creation and art (Tabula Rasa, Orneraki School, Compass Theater, Spring People, etc.). Every photo shoot for her is a quest, only the dive occurs mainly in the unconscious.