Franz Kafka “The Metamorphosis”

An ordinary day, Gregor Samsa, is in his bedroom and tells us how he woke up transformed into something obnoxious. The consequences of this metamorphosis are revealed by  the memory and thoughts of the character and call us to live with him via his faded memories. Nothing is stable now because of the character’ s security inside his environment. From now on, nothing is going to be the same.


Concept – Idea / text / director: Vicky Kalpaka, Dafne Kafentzi, Dionysis Potamitis

Setting – costumer: Smaragda Kafentzi

Music: Makis Papagabriel

Kinesiology: Pepi Zacharopoulou

Light Design: Orestis Tatsis

Actors: Nina Adamopoulou, Vicky Kalpaka, Daphne Kafentzi, Dionysis Potamitis