“The Letter”

Concept / Choreography / Interpretation: Dimitra Vasilopoulou, Aimonas Garofallou, Dimitra Papadatou (a.dd dance company).

A letter that never arrived. Written words that were never read from anyone. Trapped thoughts in a white piece of paper. Tears warped the words. Ink has lost its bold color. “I am not alone in this frozen wagon”. A man is standing in front of me in silence, staring down, aloof. I am not alone in this frozen wagon. I carry my soul, my broken pieces, my ego, my real self. I am holding the letter and I walk the line between and after. I am inside this wagon because I want to escape.  I am travelling to start a new life. My soul aches, bleeds, I am weeping … luckily enough this man in front of me is not aware of anything … or maybe is?